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Avery spotting Charlotte in the 1973 film

Avery Arable is the older brother of Fern and son to John and Mrs Arable. Though thought to be an antagonist, he is actually just mischievous and dimwitted at certain points. He is a young 10 year old boy. Unlike his sister, Avery is less interested in animals. When Fern got to keep Wilbur as a pet, Avery wanted a pig too. He catches frogs, snakes, and trout and even tries to capture Charlotte the spider. He breaks everything and he also gets stung according to Mrs. Arable. He goes to the fair and buys a frozen custard, a cheeseburger and some raspberry soda pop in the book and cartoon version.

In the Movies he also wanted a pig. In the cartoon version, he is seen entering carrying a jar of flies after his sister runs outside crying. Avery goes to the fair and has a good time. When he sees Wilbur crying, unknown to him that Charlotte died, he taunts Wilbur thinking that he's just having a good time. In the live action movie, he is seen carrying a slingshot when he walks into the kitchen and sees his sister bottlefeeding Wilbur.

In "Miracles Do Happen", Avery Arable targets Charlotte's 3 daughters--Joy, Aranea, and Nellie--resulting in Nellie getting stuck inside a garbage can and Avery destroying half of all the eggs and milk in the cargo while the Zuckermans and Arables are ready evacuate from Maine and find a new home in Alaska. The Arables and Zuckermans are fed up with his reckless boastful behaviors, and Avery is ultimately forced to go cold turkey from any and all outdoor hobbies such as collecting, capturing, and hunting ever again, much to Avery's horror. He is never seen or heard of again for the remainder of the sequel novel.


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