Charlotte's Dead is the 1973 film.

The RuntEdit

The story begins when a stork delivers a litter of eleven piglets that are born on the Arable Farm. One of the piglets is a runt and struggles to feed from the sow. John Arable doesn't want the runt and decides to kill it. His daughter Fern pleads the tiny piglet to be spared, but Mr. Arable disagrees and killed it. Fern runs into a house, crying.

Fern's Meltdown Edit

Fern was still upset over the Runt's fate. Her parents tried to reason with her, but she doesn't care. She threw some stuff to the wall, causing the house to shook. Mrs. Arable called the police while Mr. Arable drags Fern into her room. Avery giggles as he thought it was funny. The police arrived to arrest Fern, taking her to juvenile hall.

The Juvenile Hall Edit

Fern arrived at the Juvenile Hall where all other inmates wanting to harm her. They punched, kicked and biting her.

The Zuckermans Edit

Homer and Edith Zuckerman lived at the farm, filled with animals like cows, sheep, horse, goose and a rat. They have a farmhand named Lurvy.

Charlotte's Dead Edit

Avery goes over to Zuckerman's farm to find a bug to kill it for his collection. He saw a spider named Charlotte. He uses a stick to kill it. Then, he took it home for his collection.

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