Henry Fussy is seen at the fair on the Ferris wheel with Fern. He has a mean stepmother named Mrs. Fussy in the 1973 film (who resembles Lady Tremaine in the 1950 Disney animated film Cinderella).

1973 Movie

When Fern received the runt from her father's litter of piglets she takes Wilbur to visit Henry. He plays the violin and wears glasses. When Mrs. Fussy tries to chase Wilbur with her broom, he knocks over Mrs. Fussy's statue. He is seen visiting Wilbur at the Zuckermans barn with Fern where his stepmother catches him for spending the day (because while she said he could visit, that did not mean he could spend the day there) and sends him home as a punishment for making his music teacher wait twenty minutes. Later at the fair, he is no longer wearing his glasses and moves into his grandfather's house and tells Fern that they went fishing, he accidentally stepped on his violin and broke it until it exploded and takes Fern out for a ride on the Ferris wheel. In the end, Fern and Henry are a couple.

2006 Version

He is seen in Fern's class and at the fair. He doesn't wear glasses and his mother is not seen.