Homer Zuckerman is husband of Edith and uncle to Fern and Avery. He bought Wilbur from the Arables when he was a month old. He didn't let Fern cuddle with Wilbur. When Wilbur became famous Zuckerman took him to the fair. Wilbur won a prize medal. As a matter of fact Wilbur spent the rest of his life on Zuckerman's farm

1973 Movie

Zuckerman first is seen telling Lurvy to feed Wilbur spoonful of molasses. Later he hears Lurvy yelling and goes outside seeing the spider web. Zuckerman goes to the fair and wins a medal. He keeps Wilbur alive.

2006 Movie

Zuckerman is seen luring Wilbur from escaping. Later after witnessing the miracles he goes to the fair and wins a medal. Zuckerman kept Wilbur alive.

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