Mrs Phyllis Arable is the mother to Fern and Avery. Wife to John. In the the beginning of the book she tells Fern about the newborn litter of piglets one was a runt. She helps Fern raise the runt Wilbur. After a month she suggests Wilbur be sold to the Zuckermans. After Wilbur is sold Fern visits him at the Zuckerman Farm. Phyllis is a concerned mother about Fern being interested in farm animals instead of playing with other children (because according to Mrs. Arable, Fern isn't supposed to invent these wild tales because it is strictly forbidden; no one has given a reason for this, except in the 1973 film, which shows Fern's mother forbidding her to invent these wild tales). However by the end of the novel Fern grew up and moved on. Phyllis was also worried about the fair. She was happy when Fern met her friend Henry Fussy


Mrs Phyllis Arable like the book is a concerned and loving mother. In both movies she has blonde hair. (Please remember that Mrs. Arable forbids her daughter Fern to invent these wild tales.)